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Sunday, February 05, 2006 

US soldiers trade pictures of dead Iraqis for online porn.

I don't even know what to say to this.

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Hello! I happened across your blog from the link you provided on chomskytorrents.

Rotten acts such as those described in that article, The Porn of War, leave me feeling pretty damned shaken. Even though I've come to expect the occurences of such things, I am always greatly struck by just how disturbing they can be.

I've noticed how such violent behaviour exhibited [almost entirely] by men, seems often increased by factors like nationalism, lack of accountability, and certain almost male-exclusive social organizations. While these factors are hardly concrete, and not the only ones, they are certainly evident, especially in this case.

Here, we see men killing and raping people, "justified" by the fact they are doing it for the Man. Nationalism.
The lack of accountability provided both by this and the quasi-anonymity of the net.
Groups of men together in army fatigues calling the shots to one another, then getting together with other men to share (in all but the right ways) media which combines sex and disturbing violence.

We need a revolution as soon as possible. A real one that isn't compromised.

Ciao for now

*same post as the one deleted, except I fixed a handful of spelling mistakes I missed in my haste

That really turned my stomach.

Is this the way the soldiers are emotionally dealing with the killing? Somehow, if it's photographed, it ceases to be real??

I have such a hard time believing they are all over there just shooting people and taking great joy in posting graphic photos.

I really want to believe the "bad guy" is Bush, but this article showed me how damn naive I am.

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